Ethics leadership and transparency is a matter of priorities


Our values and principles

Personal and professional integrity begins in each one of us.

Our company’s continuing policy and commitment is that our business be conducted in every location we work in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. Our reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets, and each employee, officer and director must contribute to the care and reservation of that asset.

Our code of conduct applies to all the company’s officers and directors, employees, agents, consultants, and representatives whether belonging to ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS or to any affiliate of the Group (all together referred as "Personnel" or the "Company"). Where certain provisions are intended to apply only to the company’s officers, directors, and employees, references to the term "Employee" is instead used. The provisions of the code will be enforced vigorously, and all Personnel shall report to their immediate supervisor, the CCO, or the CEO any knowledge of violations by other Personnel of the code or the regulations that apply to ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS at any time –e.g. any laws, legislation, rules, national collective bargaining agreements, company level agreements, etc., that apply to ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS in each country where it operates– (the "Applicable Laws and Regulations").

When you start working at ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS, all company´s employees must provide a formal acceptance that you have read, understood and will comply with the code.

You can download the ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS code of conduct through this link: CODE OF CONDUCT

In this framework, crime prevention within ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS is a priority for the company. Among the tools that can be used, the Ethical Channel is statistically the most effective in preventing fraud, corruption and any other irregularity or breach of the code of conduct, as well as aspects that violate Almar Water's internal operating rules or involve unethical behaviour in the development of business or in the fulfilment of agreements.

Whistleblowing Channel  

The ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS code of conduct defines the information channels so that all employees, third parties and stakeholders can consult any doubt about the interpretation of this code of conduct, as well as the applicable internal legislation and regulations.

All queries and communications of non-compliance will be answered and resolved. Anonymous communications will only be investigated if they include all the necessary data and are made in good faith. All communications will be rebutted and analysed diligently, rigorously and confidentially by ALBACUS, a specialized compliance company external to ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS, to guarantee higher levels of independence and confidentiality.

The ALMAR WATER SOLUTIONS's code of conduct guarantees non-retaliation against any query / communication of non-compliance made in good faith.

In the policy of use of the ethical channel, the management of queries / communications of non-compliance is specified. Here you can consult the DOCUMENT IN THE POLICY OF USE OF THE ETHICAL CHANNEL

Access to the complaint form

To access the registration form of a new complaint, you must be registered as a user in the system and provide a valid email in which you will receive any notification regarding your complaint.

Registering in the system is a simple process. Access through the button "REGISTER" located at the top of the home screen and enter at least one valid email address of your property. When you send the form, you will receive a verification email with a link to validate the email provided.

The system protects the anonymity of reporters of information concerning suspected compliance violations who do not want to reveal their identity. The email address is used for system logging and subsequent communications purposes, but it is not disclosed. Questions and additional information required will preserve anonymity. Additionally, reports are kept anonymous through encryption and other security solutions.

Registered users can access the registration form of a new report through the option Register a Complaint from the main menu.